Students of Color in Accelerated Course Work.



Supporting Gifted Education and

SCD Enrichment program supports gifted and advanced students through cultural education, academic support, and leadership strengthening.



Students learn about their history through the lense of gifted identity development



Receive mentoring from successful professionals and college students of color.


Leadership Strengthening

Offering peer-to-peer tutoring to students of color in general classes.

and school staff


"It was different and new to me because I don’t have any classes that talk about different cultures but I enjoyed it. It’s different from doing equations and taking quizzes all the time.”

Virtual History Session 1 Student

Virtual History Session 1 Student

“I finally have a space where I can come to learn and be vulnerable to ask
questions around people that look like me.”

George Washington High School 10th Grader, Denver CO

George Washington High School 10th Grader, Denver CO


“I really appreciate how frank Shalelia was. She really helped me as I grappled with things I hadn’t considered before.”

Teacher at a Professional Development Session, Denver CO

Teacher at a Professional Development Session, Denver CO


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As we spend time with our students and understand how valuable they are to our future, we see that once they learn their cultural history and academic identities, they usher that knowledge into the future to create immense impact for themselves and their communities. Our students are Scholars Cultivating Dignity (SCD) 🙌🏽.

Scho.lars: a person who is highly educated or has an aptitude for study. trying to acquire or develop (a quality, sentiment, or skill). a sense of your own importance and value

The SCD Program chose this namesake to reflect the similar mission of our founder; to impact education on a national level by increasing cultural education, supporting students in accelerated courses and to enrich students' lives through giving back.


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