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Three Part Component

Research has shown that if a student has a strong cultural identity, it improves their confidence and self-efficacy. Students are immersed in activities and curriculum that relates to their own racial identities to create a community of self love.

Our School-based curriculum includes field trips to historical buildings, and monuments and activities that are used school-wide to teach acceptance of all cultures.


Critical Thinking Ethnic History Course

Usually in the form of an elective course, lunch program or virtual class


College of Students of Color Mentor Program

College students and business professionals of color visit program


Leadership Development

School and community development with peer-to-peer mentoring


Join us for monthly series of engaging STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) and cultural history workshops designed to inspire BIPOC gifted and talented students of all ages. Explore topics such as robotics, renewable energy, design thinking, astronomy, health sciences, entrepreneurship, cultural anthropology and more in the Denver area, while parents also participate in advocacy discussions and museum visits.

Gifted and Talented

SCDEP's Homeschooling Ethnic History Virtual Class is designed for Gifted students of color that is composed of a bundle of engaging, interactive academic sessions and resources. This course prepares scholars for advanced-level classes through higher-level critical thinking skills. Ethnic history content includes Black/ African, Latino, Native/Indigenous, Asian and Pacific Islander history. Sign up anytime of the year!


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